Culham Hymns and Songs

Culham Evening Hymn

Holiest, breathe an evening blessing,

Ere repose our spirits seal;

Sin and want we come confessing,

Thou canst save and Thou canst heal:

Though destruction walk around us,

Though the arrow past us fly,

Angel guards from Thee surround us,

We are safe if thou art nigh.


Though the night be dark and dreary

Darkness cannot hide from Thee;

Thou art He who, never weary,

Watchest where Thy people be.

Should swift death this night o'ertake us,

And our couch become our tomb,

May the morn in heaven awake us,

Clad in light and deathless bloom.


Sung to the tune Lugano

The Culham College Song


Sons of Culham, sing the story

Tales of old and deeds of might,

Culham’s watchword, Culham’s glory

Face the goal and win the fight.


How the morning broke in Pandy,

‘Major – Minor – Paradise

How we dressed in what lay handy,

Boots unlaced, undone our ties.


How we listened to the lectures,

How we progged  in Dining Hall

How we dreamed and dozed of deck chairs

Near that grey ivied wall.


Ho the Footer, Cricket, Rowing

Ho the wind and rain and sun.

Ho! The merry groups all going,

Down the road to Abingdon.


How the chapel bell, oft ringing

Called us to praise and prayer –

Hearts uplifted, voices singing

Fresh and young and debonair.


Happy we though all forgetting,

Though our eyes grow old and dim:

Hearing when Life’s sun is setting

Echoes of that Evening Hymn.

Culham Football Song

 Here’s to Culham Football – drink it down

A health to leather kicking – drink it down

Here’s to charge and crush, and the good old Culham rush,

Drink to Culham football – drink it down.


On the ball Culham take it down! Take it down!

Don’t stop for half-backs, Culham, waltz them round.

Up the field, down the wing; send it forward with a swing

On the ball, Culham! Take it down!


Yell out, ye sons of Culham, Make it sound,

The fame of deeds undying on the ground ….

A ground to rabbits foreign, though it’s called the noted Warren

Here’s to the noted Warren – drink it down.


Here’s luck to our opponents – send it round!

To say they’ve played like gentlemen we’re bound,

Though to beat them is sublime, yet to lose is scarce a crime.

Drink to our opponents – drink it down.


And now a word in season to our team.

Of all good Culham kickers, you’re the cream

Back up, you chaps, buck up - who’s to win the County Cup?

Here’s to Culham – drink it down