Culham in the past

While researching, her father-in-law’s family tree Marcia Sands uncovered some old photographs of Farmborough School in Somerset. Amongst these photographs was one of the senior students at Culham College in 1875-76.

Sidney Watson Warrell was headmaster of Farmborough School from 1877 to 1920 and we might assume that the photograph is a souvenir of his time at Culham.

Our thanks go to Marcia Sands for seeking us out and sharing this photograph.

Has anyone noticed that a mysterious head appears at the end (right) of the back row?  Does this mean there was even a joker in 1876? Take a look at the detail  . . . .


The mystery is solved. The body-less face in the picture is the gargoyle or grotesque that sits at the end of the archway underneath the college crest. It is still there today - as shown in a detail from a section of the 2013 reunion picture which was taken in the same place as the 1876 picture.