Zoltan Kodaly's light opera 'Hary Janos' March 1972

David Briggs recalls . . .

In March 1972 (14th to 17th) the Culham College production of Zoltan Kodaly's light opera 'Hary Janos' was performed in the Abbey Hall, Abingdon. 

The singers, actors, dancers and orchestra were all Culham students, or musicians associated with the college.  The chorus of dancing hussars included members of the PE department, trained (I believe) by Peter Forsyth.

The production was directed by Olga Latham (College piano/voice teacher) and the orchestra conducted by Barrie Simms (Music Tutor). 

The only professionals were the narrator (John Malcolm) and the cimbalom player (John Leach). 

It was the first fully-staged production in the UK and staff from the Hungarian Embassy attended one of our performances! (The first professional UK performance was at the Buxton Festival in 1982)
Below is a medley from the Culham production put together by David Briggs. 

Hary Janos Medley.zip
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