AGM and Annual Reunion

Culham College Association Annual General Meeting

and Reunion, 24 September 2016 at Culham


By the kind permission of the Head of the European School, Mrs Leene Soekov, we will be able to hold our Annual Reunion and AGM at Culham once again.

The President, Mrs Linda Youthed (71/79), Chairman, Robert Oakley (62/65) and members of Council invite you and members of your family to attend.

Culhamites of all years are welcome to attend all or parts of the day as they wish; instead of the formal lunch a picnic or a meal in a local pub may be preferred. The drama studio will be available for meeting in small groups and for those bringing a picnic.

We look forward to welcoming many Culhamites on 24 September 2016

Important information for the 2016 AGM and the future of the Association

This mailing contains details of this year’s AGM and Reunion; it is necessarily detailed but it is hoped Culhamites will respond positively.

Discussions at Council meetings  have been positive and it is time to decide the future of the Culham College Association (CCA) which has allowed Culhamites to keep in touch since the closure of the college in 1979.

Membership is declining as Culhamites move on to Greater Culham and falling attendance at reunions reflects this ageing of Culhamites.

Senior officers of the CCA believe the best way forward is to have an ordered closure and to celebrate its many achievements at a Grand Reunion in 2017.

Please share the information with Culhamites who might not be a member of the association so they will know about the event in 2017.

At the AGM recommendations and proposals for the future of the CCA will be put to the meeting ~ item 7 on the agenda. A brief explanation is given here and the full wordings are below the Agenda (right).

Whatever is decided in the latter part of the meeting, the CCA as currently constituted will cease to exist during 2017 and therefore an officer known as the 'Chairman elect' will no longer be appropriate. Accordingly Council will propose  to abolish that role and create that of Vice Chairman. (Number 1)

Council has met three times since the  AGM in 2015 and still recommends that it is sensible to close the CCA after the annual reunion in 2017. (Number 3)  However it has been suggested that there is a need to keep all members in touch and a group of Culhamites are interested in taking on this role in the future. This resolution (Number 2) needs to be taken first; if it fails then the recommendations to close the association will be put to the meeting.

If the closure of the CCA is confirmed:

  1. Council would wish to change the constitution so that the remaining funds are used for a broader range of organisations than originally foreseen. These recognise the work of  the College’s successor (The Culham St Gabriel’s Trust, the association’s continuing support for The Children’s Society and the benevolent funds of the three main teachers’ unions to help teachers in need. (Number 4)

  2. The Culhamite would be published In November 2016 (the normal time), January 2017 (with details of the Reunion on 13 May 2017) and a final edition in autumn 2017 after the final AGM of the CCA.

  3. The details of the Reunion on 13 May 2017 – to be known perhaps as the Grand Reunion - will be posted with The Culhamite in January 2017 with replies to be returned by Tuesday 28 February 2017.

  4. It is proposed to have a Communion service as well as Evensong with a choir for one or both events at the Grand Reunion. If you would be interested in either having a Communion service or singing in the choir please complete the enclosed return or contact Nigel Spencer directly ( or 01255-502702). John Gay (73/79) and Nigel Spencer (72/75) will be arranging the details of the services; John Wyatt (Principal 71/77) has agreed to give the address at Evensong.

  5. In order to ease the way for less athletic members to attend this last function a complimentary coach service to and from the nearest public transport hub (probably Didcot railway station) could be organised if there were sufficient demand. If you would be interested in such a service which will be for the 2017 Grand Reunion ONLY please indicate on the enclosed return.

  6. It is hoped to have displays to show the work of the CCA and College; the association shop will have remaining items on sale.

If Number 2 to establish a Continuing Committee succeeds then Numbers 3 and 4 will not be taken and then Number 5 will be put to the AGM; this requires a suitable change over from the current CCA to the new committee.

The proposers of the Resolution for the establishment of a Continuation Committee have indicated that they wish to elect their own committee at the AGM on 24th September 2016. Culhamites should note that these arrangements will form no part of the CCA AGM and that any such committee will have no authority until a formal agreement to that effect has been agreed. The Council of the CCA will be happy to liaise with the new body and to involve their representative(s) in its own considerations.

It is not anticipated that the present form of the Culhamite or indeed its name will continue should the proposed Continuation Committee come into being.

Should the establishment of the Continuation Committee be agreed the closure of the CCA as currently established will go ahead. In that case the Reunion on 13th May 2017 will be essentially identical but will be rebranded to mark the cessation of ex-student activities on the Culham site.

Bank standing orders ~ Culhamites will need to cancel their standing orders for their CCA subscriptions from January 2017.

Programme for the Day

10.30 a.m.    Start of day                               

10.30 a.m.    Council Meeting                            Library

10.30 a.m.    Coffee                                           Cafeteria

11.30 a.m.    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING   Drama Studio

12.30 p.m.   Sherry or fruit juice                         Drama Studio

  1.00 p.m.   LUNCH                                           Dining Hall

  2.30 p.m.   EVENSONG                                   Chapel

                     Led by the Rev’d Dr John Gay (73/79)

                     Organist  - Fred Hemmer (76/79)

  3.15 p.m.   Tea                                                Cafeteria

Agenda for 2016 AGM

  1. Welcome and introduction  - Chairman for 2015/2016 – Robert Oakley (62/65)

  2. The Roll of Honour

  3. Apologies for absence

  4. Minutes of 2015 A.G.M. and matters arising

  5. Reports

               a Chairman    

               b Honorary General Secretary

               c Honorary Treasurer

               d Social Secretary ~ Membership Secretary

               e Honorary Magazine Editor

               f  President                                            

  6. Vote of thanks to retiring Officers

  7. Resolutions and recommendations for the future (see separate list)

  8. Election of Officers for 2016 – 2017

  9. Election of Committee

  10. Reunion 2017

  11. Council meetings – dates and times

  12. Any other business

Resolutions and recommendations for 2016 AGM

Number 1: This AGM approves the recommendation of Council to abolish the post of Chairman - elect and to establish that of Vice Chairman. The duties of the Vice chairman will be to deputise for the Chairman in all his duties and responsibilities should at any time or for any reason that officer be unable to undertake them, in either the short or long term.

Number 2: In the names of Messrs IJ Henderson and NJ Spencer:  It is proposed that a CCA Continuing Committee be elected at the September 2016 AGM to take on the running of the Association following the final Reunion date at Culham College next May 2017, in order to keep all members in touch and informed by the issue of a six-monthly newsletter, and to hold an Annual General Meeting at a suitable new venue as the former College will no longer be available. The current funds shall be put to these continuing purposes.

Number 3: In the name of Council: This AGM approves the decision of Council to arrange the closure of the Culham College Association after the Annual Reunion on 13 May 2017.

Number 4: In the name of Council: This AGM agrees to the recommendation of Council that Section 8 of the Constitution be amended so that the remaining funds are split equally between the Culham St Gabriel’s Trust, the Children’s Society and the  benevolent funds of the three main teachers’ unions – ATL, NAS/UWT and NUT.

Number 5: In view of the approval of the Resolution in respect of the formation of a Culham Continuation Committee this AGM requires that Council should negotiate a suitable changeover of affairs to that committee with effect from the closure the Culham College Association as presently constituted after the Annual General Meeting in September 2017

The Chairman will take other resolutions and recommendations at his discretion; it would be helpful if he received them at least two weeks before the meeting ~

If you intend to attend, please send returns (downloadable below) by Friday 16th SEPTEMBER 2016 to

Peter J Nicholson ~:

The cost of lunch will be £24.00; a £2 donation on the day from those not having lunch will be appreciated.

The St John’s Ambulance Brigade will not be in attendance at this reunion.

The Culham College Association cannot accept responsibility for any financial loss or otherwise arising from changes in dates or the programme of events which arise from circumstances beyond its control.

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