Informal Summer Reunion

2012 Summer Reunion
In 1922, the very first Great Reunion was held at Culham College and over 250 old students attended. Ninety years after that event, we gathered in the Chapel on 14 July 2012 to remember those who gave their lives in the First World War. 

This year also marked 50 years since Arthur Caiger, ‘the man in the white suit’, last took to the rostrum at the old Wembley Stadium to lead Cup Final community singing. Arthur trained at Culham and we remembered this.
The life of Derek Sykes was commemorated with a tribute from Peter Forsyth (below) and the unveilling of a bench.


Sheila Hamill (below) concluded the memorial event in the Chapel.



Robin Griffin, who worked so hard to arrange this and previous summer reunions, had been taken into hospital just before the event and was unable to attend. General Secretary Andy Howland presented Audrey Griffin with a card, signed by all, with the good wishes of Culhamites.

Picnicking on the lawn outside the Old Art Block was not possible because of the rain but it did not deter Keith Cozens from providing music for those who ventured out when the rain eased.

(left to right) Nigel Graves, Peter Davies, Henry Jones, Chris Gee, Anglie Taylor (nee Burt), Jacky Matthews, Brian Townshend, Carloine Marsden (nee Bubbings), Corinne Cartwright (nee Banks)