Culham College Association Rules

As ammended at the Annual General Meeting on 19 May 2012
The Purpose of the Culham College Association is to sustain and strengthen the bonds of fellowship among members of the Greater Culham by:-

a) Giving opportunities for members to meet; normally there will be an annual reunion with AGM in late September and an informal reunion in July. Local reunions and meetings are to be encouraged.

b) Providing them with news of Greater Culham, including the Foundation and Institute.

c) Helping Culhamites, and/or their families, who are in special need.

The Membership is open to all former members of the College and the Practising School who contribute to the Association at the annual rate determined by the Annual General Meeting. Others may become honorary/associate members of the Association by invitation of the Council. Only honorary members will not be required to pay a subscription. All members will receive Association news and the The Culhamite.

General Rules

1. Annual General Meeting – This will normally be held on a Saturday in September to coincide with the Annual Reunion following fourteen days’ notice in writing. Ten members will form a quorum at any general meeting.

2. An Extraordinary General Meeting will be called upon the receipt of written request signed by any fifteen members.

3. Association Council – The management of the Association shall be vested in a Council, which shall consist of: The President, The President Emeritus and Vice Presidents ex officio; Chairman of the Council, Deputy Chairman; the immediate Past Chairman of the Council; and the following Honorary Officers: -The General Secretary; The Treasurer; The Minuting Secretary; The Social Secretary; The Magazine Editor; The Membership Secretary; The Chapel Steward; The Card Secretary; The Shop Sales Steward and a committee of six:- to be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Culham College Association.

3a. The Council will recommend, when required, the appointment of the President of the Association, to be confirmed at an Annual General Meeting.

3b. The Council will have power to propose Vice Presidents; to be ratified at an Annual General Meeting.

3c. The Council has power to co-opt at its discretion.

3d. The Council will have power to appoint a Welfare Services Support Officer and determine that officer's responsibilities, this officer will report to Council and the Standing Committee. This appointment is to be confirmed at each AGM.

3e. The Council will meet normally three times each year – usually in November and early May and prior to the AGM and Reunion in September and at such other times when the Hon. General Secretary shall convene a meeting upon the written receipt of a request by five members of Council.

3f. Eight members of the Council will form a quorum and that all matters be decided by a majority of members present.

4. The Chairman shall preside at the AGM at the end of his/her year of office and at Council meetings. At any given meeting the Chairman shall have a casting vote. Normally the Chairman will serve for a term of two years subject to being re-elected for the second year.

5. After the AGM a Standing Committee consisting of the Chairman, General Secretary, Minuting Secretary, Treasurer and two Council members, (to be nominated by Council at the first meeting after the AGM), be empowered to meet and make decisions needed between Council meetings. It will have power to co-opt up to two other members for specific meetings to give special advice. A quorum will be four members and all matters will be determined by a majority vote. The Chairman will have a casting vote. This committee can decide to call a full Council meeting at its discretion.

6. Book Fund. The Council will appoint three Book Fund Trustees (these need not be Council Members) at the AGM. They will be responsible to Council for the administration of the fund, which covers the consideration of all applications, the undertaking of correspondence with the applicants, the adjudication of applications, approving of awards and the monitoring of funds available. They will submit a written report of the fund activities to the AGM. The Council's Treasurer will remain responsible for the issue of funds to cover awards once the details have been furnished to him in writing by the Trustees.

7. Alteration of Rules may take place at the AGM. A majority of 60% of members present and voting shall be required to secure any alteration of these Rules – which shall have immediate effect.

8. The Closure of the Culham College Association is to be confirmed by a vote in Council when membership and support have declined to the point at which the aims of the Association can no longer be fulfilled. Upon closure, any funds remaining shall be transferred to the Culham Educational Foundation or its lawful successors.

Roger Hope,
12 Aug 2016, 09:40