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Sue M. Samuels (nee Wildings) passed away on 9 May 2018.  Originally from Lancashire she had worked with children born blind and came to Culham on the Special Education one year course.

Her Hilary Term calendar indicates she was on Teaching Practice at Bennet House. She went on to teach at the Teesdale Special School, and supported children moving into Mainstream Schools (in Abingdon where she settled).  She married Peter and leaves a son and daughter and four grandchildren.

Rest in peace, Sue
John Jay, who was at Culham from 1954-56, died very peacefully on May 26. 

His wife Helen tells us that he was very frail at the last reunion but was determined to make it. He had been in a nursing home since just before Christmas and his health declined steadily. He was completely compos mentis to the last and hated the state he was in so it really was a release for him.

Culham was an incredibly important part of his life, opening up his horizons and he greatly enjoyed the reunions, the newsletters and the Culham 'fellowship'.

Rest in peace, John. 

Reunion Saturday 7 July 2018

It has not been possible to hold the reunion in the Europa School so arrangements have been made to meet at The Railway Inn  (the old Jolly Porter) at Culham. Bring-your-own picnics will not be possible so a buffet will be provided. The cost is £10 per person for non members of the Society. 

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Newsletter published

The Culham Echo, the newsletter of the Culham College Society, was distributed to registered subscribers on 3rd March. Nigel Spencer is the editor of this compendium of articles of interest, pictures, and details of the 2018 reunion. 
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A new Society opened . . . 

when the Culham College Association closed, 

The mission of the Culham College Society is, in a spirit of openness and transparency, to promote fellowship among members of Greater Culham by maintaining contact amongst, and encouraging gatherings of, Culhamites. It will do this by:-

  • encouraging and promoting local, regional, year group, and interest group reunions and meetings;
  • organising general reunions;
  • providing news of Greater Culham through the maintenance of a website and the publication of electronic and hard copy newsletters and magazines;
  • and any other means which the Committee deems appropriate.

Membership of the Society is open to all former members of the College and the Practising School and their families. 

At its inaugural meeting on 13 May 2017 a constitution for the new Culham College Society was approved and office bearers and committee appointed.

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