Membership Information

The annual membership fee is £10 per person and you can pay monies by setting up a standing order with your bank. Our account details are:


Barclays Bank sort code 20 45 45

Account No. 73328643

You may like to know that on the demise of the former Culham College Association, monies left in the Association's account were split between the Culham St. Gabriel's Trust, the two main teaching unions, and the Children's Society.

This was after our Society had been given a grant to set up our new account and after all outstanding association bills had been settled.

Please remember to close your standing order to the Association account, if you have not done so already, and set up a new standing order for Culham College Society.

If you have any questions about membership please contact our Treasurer, Andy Howland, at

Privacy Policy

The Society will only collect and store personal information that allows it to keep people informed about the activities of the Society. We may segment the data to identify year or geographical groups.

We will never share your personal data with any organisation except those which have a legal entitlement to ask for such information. If someone requests your contact details we will contact you and will not release your personal data without your express permission

We will hold data as long as the Society exists and will delete or destroy all personal data held by the Society when it formally closes. Individual data will be deleted when the Society is informed of the death of the individual or an individual asks for their information to be deleted.

You may ask for a copy of your personal data held by the Society; ask for data to be corrected, or ask for your personal data to be deleted by contacting the Society’s Data Controller (Roger Hope)

All emails from the Society will include an option to unsubscribe from mailings from the Society.